Vaderetro is a french illustration, graphic design and printmaking studio founded by Alexandre Debelloir and Julian Santus.

Since 2015, our common passion for rock and metal culture has led us to collaborate with many bands and festivals. We have since been able to extend our field of action to other universes such as publishing and branding. Our work finds its inspiration in medieval imagery, dark romanticism, botany or traditional tattooing.

We develop our own practice of engraving in our workshop in Tours, making artisanal prints on wood and linoleum as well as monotype prints.


• Truly Local Grown,
with Førtifem, Volcom Store, Paris. Autumn 2021.
• De noir et d’or,
Dock 5, Reims. Autumn 2020.
• Rock Poster Show,
Les Cuizines, Chelles. Hiver 2019.

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